Mirror sites

Please visit the mirror site that is close to you.

Mirror Site Location Maintainer Status
http://vergenet.net/ipvs/ Australia, USA, the Netherlands
(cool geographically distributed mirror)
Horms Auto-mirror
http://www.cn.linuxvirtualserver.org/ China Wensong Zhang Auto-mirror
http://lvs.tale.net/ Taiwan, China Henry Pan Auto-mirror
http://lvs.infoscience.co.jp/ Japan Infoscience Auto-mirror
http://lvs.psshee.com Korea SangSeok Park Auto-mirror
http://lvs.cbn.net.id/ Indonesia A. Yahya Sjarifuddin Auto-mirror
France Chris Navas Auto-mirror
http://lvsp.rebOOt.lv Latvia Armands Brakmanis Auto-mirror
http://lvs.oss-mirror.org/ Dublin - Ireland Ralf Uhlemann Update daily
http://www.lvserver.de German Stefan Dohn Auto-mirror
http://lvs.idk.com.pl/ Poland Andrzej Baginski Auto-mirror
http://linux.auxio.org/lvs/ The Netherlands Pieter Krul Auto-mirror
Belgrade, Serbia Marko Uskokovic Auto-mirror
Greece / Crete / Heraklion University of Crete / Computer Center Auto-mirror
North America
http://lvs.hoxt.com USA Son Nguyen Auto-mirror
http://mirror.blackroute.net/lvs USA Maarten Van Horenbeeck Auto-mirror
http://www.webpusher.com/wensong/index.html USA WebPusher Technology, Inc. Up to date
Australia Jason Andrade Auto-mirror

The primary home of the Linux Virtual Server project is now at:

http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/ (in USA)

The previous home of the Linux Virtual Server project was hosted at the teuto.net in Germany. The original home of the Linux Virtual Server project was at:

http://proxy.iinchina.net/~wensong/ippfvs/ (in China)

To mirror this site or download all the documents for offline reading, there are two ways that you can do.

  • Use rsync. It is more efficient to mirror web site. We highly recommend you to use rsync to mirror the LVS web site.

  • rsync -auvz --delete rsync.linuxvirtualserver.org::w3lvs <your local directory>

  • Use wget.

  • wget --mirror --directory-prefix=<your directory> http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/

For automatical mirroring, please add your mirror command in the crontab to do it at night in their local time (every other days), because it is good and fast to mirror at that time. Thanks!